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    Feb 4, 2011
    So I am 54 and I have decided to get into the 21rst century and try and figure some of this stuff out,so if something sounds stupid thats why (im new) here is my problem and I hope I am at least close to the right forum...anyhow I got ahold of a knock-off i-pod nano 16gb from a guy and I actually thought it was real at first so i went on the i-tunes site so i could register and get some tunes...well I already plugged it into the computer and I had a problem with the site not recognising the i-pod as an apple product and as you know..you have to safely eject the player from the site before unplugging it or like it says right there "you may cause damage" but I was stuck there was no way to eject....so i had to unplug it from the pc without "ejecting" it so now it wont turn on unless it is hooked to a power source or back to the computer...rendering it useless..so I know that someone somnewhere knows how to fix this because it was actually running pretty cool until this time..and i called the apple techs they said to take it to an apple store"which i did" and the guy immediately showed me the many things that should or would have let an i-pod guys know it was a knock off...but the guy that sold it to me on e-bay got kicked off for life..but i had already gave him my money and to his defence he did send me the i-pod but he advertised it as an apple product so Im stuck with it so I figure Im going to use it then....maybe someone can explain to me if I need to re-do the firmware or somehting....but please if you have the answer for me I would reallly really appreciate it..but remember I am new and I dont know anything about these things so try to explain slowly and precicesly so i will understand...thanks alot you guys..I'll come back tomarrow and check this site again till someone lets me know what to do...
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    Oct 8, 2010
    Hello, if it's a knockoff I don't think there's going to be much you can do about it mate. If you contact eBay they should be able to refund you the money you've lost.

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