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    So I have a mobile me account which I basically use to push email to my phone. Everything works well and so far I have resisted setting up iCloud as I was too afraid to mess up my settings.

    I just got the new apple tv and when setting it up I somehow registered an iCloud email address. This is with my main iTunes username which is also my main email address.

    So the question is, how do I get the emails from the MobileMe account to the new iCloud account. Do I do the auto transfer or will this create 2 accounts?

    Very lost - please help!!!
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    Do you want to keep your current email address? If yes, "and" everything you have supports iCloud why not just do the migration to iCloud? You only have until June to get this done. Sounds like you are not using much of the MobileMe Applications anyway. My entire family has been on iCloud since it was release with no problems. We keep our iTunes Account Separate so we can share purchases. But we want separate iCloud Accounts for our email/calendar/contacts etc.
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    Many thanks for this. I have just tried to convert my MobileMe account and just as it get s to the end it says there is an error, try again in a while. I have and the same thing. Anyone know why this could be?
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    First thing is to learn is don't try anything in the Mail application settings for iCloud. Just open System Preferences->Mail,Contacts & Calendars and use thew +button to add the iCloud accounts in all the tabs.

    REPEAT! Do NOT use Mail to add an iCloud account!

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