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    I exchanged a phone today in the Apple Store and didn't realize that it's not activated. Verizon shows the old phone on the account. Verizon is closed and Apple says they can't do anything. Anyone have any tips on how to activate the service? I was thinking that changing the SIM card number to the new SIM card that came in the phone would work but I don't know how to manually access the system. It seems like that when I used to work for Verizon there was a special way to get into the phone settings do these kinds of things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Does Verizon's site have a way to "activate a phone?"

    I had a similar issue two weeks ago. Apple had a problem activating Sprint iPhones so I left without my phone activated. I logged into my Sprint account online and they had a link to "activate" a new phone.

    Turned out it was essentially an ESN swap. I indicated to the site, the old phone and gave the site the IMEI of my new phone and there was an option to reuse my old SIM.

    If there is anything at all like that on Verizon's site you might give it a try.
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    you can use my verizon dot com to switch the service to a new phone

    if you ask verizon to activate your phone, they will probably charge an activation fee.

    if you simply are lucky enough to have a nano sim, just put it in the new iPhone and your set

    check to make sure that my verizon says you have a verizon device

    or it might say NON VERIZON DEVICE and just give you a sim card number

    last year it was like this for me, and i assumed that the only downside of using a device that is compatible but verizon thinks it is not or it is not on their imei device list is they might not be able to blacklist it or activate it
    but that was just an educated guess of mine

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