HELP! Add-A-Line AT&T iphone 4s??

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by railsplitters23, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. railsplitters23 macrumors newbie

    Oct 13, 2011
    Looking for advice, I called my closest Apple Store (an hour away) yesterday afternoon and sure enough they still had the iphone 4s in stock, so I went, looking to add a line to my family's AT&T family plan, I wait in the "iphone line" for about an hour and then begin the process with the apple rep of getting me my new phone. I made sure ahead of time I was an "Authorized User" on the account and that there were additional lines available to add (2) BUT just as we are about to finalize all the information, TOS, signatures, etc. The visiting AT&T rep informs us that ONLY the PRIMARY person on the account has the authority to Add a Line to the family plan. Unbelievable!! I had all the information they need, last 4 of social, billing zip, etc. etc. but apparently none of that matters.

    I had considered ordering online through originally, but knew I'd have the "ships in 1-2 weeks" thing and since they were in stock an hour away I figured what the hell? So I go to an AT&T store (theyve never been much help before) and fortunately one of the reps tells me to have the primary person call customer service and add-a-line with no commitment assigning one of our older not being used AT&T phones IEMI numbers to the new line. So I have my family member (who lives 3 hours out of state) call and spend the half hour+ on the line with customer service who says you need a SIM card number as well....WOW, thinking this was the final hurdle I return to a nearby AT&T store to get a SIM card number, they inform me if youre gonna do what you are hoping we are going to charge you the 36 dollar activation fee AND an 18 dollar upgrade feel when you go to get your iphone...what??? really??? screw this I'll go online wait the 1-2 weeks and NOT pay both the activation fee (which i knew was coming) AND the upgrade fee (completely unnecessary). So home I go, straight to, I have all the information and passwords I need, I think everything is going as planned then BAM I get:

    "We were unable to complete set up online.
    To finish creating your account, visit an Apple Retail Store."

    you have to be kidding me right??? so my last resort I go to, doing it all through AT&'m 90% sure I COULD pull it off on AT& BUT it says ships in 28 days!! ahhhh I don't think so pal, there HAS to be an easier/faster way of doing this than waiting 28 days from AT& to ship the new phone to me

    Anyone have any advice?? If it wasn't for the fact the primary person on the family plan account is 3+ hours out of state I'd simply take them in the store with me, problem solved. But I'd really rather not spend the day driving 6+ hours and the additional ohh probably 2+ hours in the store getting everything squared away.... HELP??
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    Thing is, when adding a new line they have to refresh your credit and check it again. Doing this requires the original account holder in case there's some issues. Sometimes AT&T requires about 5 questions to that account holder to confirm the identity. It happens all the time at my store. Answering a question wrong can get you a $250-750 deposit. There's a lot of fraud going around, so it's not like you're targeted.
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    Oct 13, 2011
    I understand, I mean it makes sense. I offered to get the primary user on the phone and have them answer any questions necessary which I really thought would be sufficient but the AT&T reps said no can do, has to be in person. That kinda threw me for a further loop, I mean if it's a family plan obviously the primary person already has a line so the new add a line is more than likely going to be a completely different user and unless you all live together having both the primary person and the new line user both going to wait together seems unnecessary, at this point its looking like I really might just have to order it though AT& and wait the 28 days for it to be mailed.... :confused:
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    Why would anyone not the primary user be able to add a line? I mean think about it
  5. SirStrumalot macrumors 6502

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    There's no way around it. If the AT&T rep is very lenient, you can get lucky, but don't count on it.

    Btw, if you're ordering off the AT&T or Apple website, remember that they will only ship it to the primary billing address associated with the account. If in your case this is the primary user (who you say lives 3 hours away), you might still face a problem in that regard.

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