help/Advice needed - I apparently bought a stolen iPhone 4?

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    Oct 23, 2011

    Hey guys, so lemme tell you the story. I was looking around for an iPhone 4 locked to Bell and this one person from RedFlagDeals contacted me and we arranged to meet. He told me that he bought the iPhone 4 off someone else who said they got it as an upgrade device. But then the seller wanted an iPhone 4S so he wanted to sell this iPhone that I currently have. So the deal was made and he was a legit guy. He even rated and gave feed back on RFD.

    This morning I called Bell to ask them to activate my new micro sim card and transfer my plan over to it, cuz the phone I had before was some old ass crap that didn't use sim. So after giving the Bell person all the info, serial and IMEI or w.e, he told me that he could not activate my phone cuz it was under the fraud list and apparently stolen from a store. He said I had to contact the seller and ask him to verify some ****, but he himself wasn't the buyer of the iPhone as he too bought it off someone else.

    Edit: I asked the seller and he said he bought the phone off some man in his 30s driving a BMW..and that he does not look like the type of person to be stealing phones or what not.

    So I texted the seller and he was freaking out too telling me that it can't be right because he was using the phone for 3 weeks himself with his own Bell sim. He told me to get a free sim from the apple store, activate it at a store, and then it should work. He didn't seem sketchy at all. He said Bell has some bs thing where they won't activate the phone without receipt or something.

    So thats what I did. I got a new sim (again this time free from apple store) then went to a nearby Bell store asked the guy to activate it and he did. I then popped the sim into the iPhone and it worked. I am now using it with no prob.

    So is this phone really stolen? Can you tell from the fact that I have it working now with my sim card? Or what? This is really crazy and freaking me out. This phone has warranty until Sept 24, 2012 so its only like 3-4 weeks old. What do you guys think I should do?
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    Mar 21, 2011
    I'm no legal expert. But it seems if it truly is stolen, the liability would be with the guy who sold it to you. Make sure you have that guy's address and contact info so if the police need to question him they can. Did he give you a receipt? Keep all of the messages between you two. Just document everything.

    Nobody here can tell you if it's stolen or not.

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