HELP!! after downgrade can't sync

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    Hi all,

    I have tried everything from repairing itunes, recovery mode to resetting all settings on my phone, but after I downgraded from ios6 b4 back to 5.1.1 I can't sync or anything in itunes (windows). only option is "eject" and I think it has to do with a broken ad on itunes part?

    when I plug in my phone all I get is this image and I can't get past it :/

    direct link (imgur failed):

    I can see my backup is there etc, I just never get to the point where I can sync/ backup or anything. REALLY frustrating.

    Any help as soon as possible will be MUCH appreciated.



    Turned out to be Itunes (as expected) that had crapped out! I did a full uninstall of all apple software (itunes, software update, bonjour, mobile device service) (except quicktime) and reinstalled itunes, plugged phone in and instantly asked if I wanted to restore from my backup.
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    Delete iTunes and reinstall it.

    You beat me to it with your edit. :p

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