HELP! Airport Extreme access over internet


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Jan 4, 2007
Hi, I hope the mac folks can lend a guy a hand. I have the latest AE and it runs great with a shared HD between Vista PC and my Macs. My ISP is dynamic so I'm using

Since I don't really want to leave a computer on 24-7 (for the dyndns updates) I have a linksys router take the feed from the cable modem. AE is in bridged mode. All disks and wireless is flawless. I can access my webcams via the static ip from dyndns, route it to linksys then to camera. But I can't figure out how or what to do to get access to my shared drivers over the net.

I researched for a couple hours today and came up with a few people who did it (maybe they didn't have a leading router like me) but they didn't leave enough clues, details or links to research it some more. Apple online support is slim and I'm clueless on Bonjour configs.

Please point me in the right direction. :(


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Aug 23, 2004
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While I don't have an Airport Extreme (mine is an older g/b model), I do have my network set up similar to yours, in that DSL/router functionality is handled by a separate router (in my case, a Gentek B0060b running Viking NAT capable firmware--I have a WAN subnet of 8+1 static IP addresses) and the AE is merely a wifi bridging device.

I would expect that for you to be able to have the connected drive available outside your network, you must have a LAN-side static IP assigned to the AE, and port forward the specific service that shares the HD locally. That will be the tricky part, as you'll need to find out the specific Bonjour port for disk sharing. Alternately, if you had the AE setup as the router itself, then the hard disk may be accessible via external DDNS (or the dynamic IP only). This you would need to test out.

Are there no clues within the AE's docs or Admin Utility that provide a hint?


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Apr 3, 2009
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but seriously, has anyone anywhere posted info on this?

i have scoured the net for almost 2 days now and have NOT found a single piece of useful info. :mad:

i guess i'll be the pioneer and create a recipes/guide on this once i figure it out. and NO mobileme is not an option (before anyone suggests that)


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Jun 2, 2006
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This is above my head but I think the shared disks use some kind of ipv6 business. My guess is the Linksys just isn't capable of handling that.

My recommendation is to take the linksys out of the equation and use the AE as your router. Dyndns does not need to be updated constantly, just when your IP address changes, which is only once every few days on most ISPs. They have a mac app you can run that keeps things updated from your computer (when it is awake).