HELP - Airport Extreme/network trouble shooting

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by lowercaseperson, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Hi all, thanks in advance for reading. Here is the situation.

    Two days ago the internet started getting really spotty. Just fine one minute (speed test showing ~20 Mbps), the next minute basically nothing (spotty graph maxing out at 1.2 Mbps). But this would only last ~15-20 minutes, and for school I use a lot of simple webpages that don't require much bandwidth. Well last night it lasted about 4 hours and literally couldn't even load a single page. So I reset the modem - still nothing. Called TWC they reset the modem from their end, said they were not getting any errors etc. etc. etc. Sent me up the ladder and had me connect directly into modem via ethernet - bam 20 Mbps again. Technician says, sorry it's the Airport. Before we got off the phone I reconnect the Airport and run another speed test: 20 Mbps over Wifi. Technician says, "Well it is probably just starting to go out - the modem is fine - bye."

    Now the Airport is probably at least 7 years old...I really don't know what the life expectancy is for one - but I've had modem after modem go out on me...and I suspect (and hope) it's the modem (it's a rental...don't hate me). How can I confirm either device is bad, and prove to TWC it's the modem if that is, in fact, what it is?

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    Since your modem and router are separate you have a simple quick diagnostic solution. It will cause some inconvenience and temporarily interrupt your home network, but it can quickly convict or clear your modem and wiring.

    First, unplug your Airport Extreme from the modem. Next, connect your Mac directly to the modem output with a Cat5 cable. From what you said, it should not take more than an hour or so to determine the condition of your modem/Internet connection system.
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    I had a similar issue for more than one week with TWC. Four modems changed out not counting the ones they could not activate at all. A phone rep made a remark about my AE. I already checked the connection to the modem via Ethernet. Issue was TWC equipment.

    Escalating was a way to keep me on the phone for 90 minutes. I was told their system was "in a loop" and they could not give me a confirmation number for tech appointment. Without the number the tech is a no show and TWC denies there was an appointment.

    Thursday they replaced the box on the pole outside. No issues since then. Fingers crossed. Hope not to deal with this again.

    I am using a first generation Airport Extreme.
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    Good to know and have in my back pocket. Thanks for sharing.

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