Help! Annoying Transition Screen Flash in iPhone 5s

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  1. chp5592, May 7, 2014
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    I think since I upgraded to 7.1 (but may be before), whenever the icons are zooming in or out of transitioning animation, I see this white flash (lasts one to two seconds) on the left upper edge of screen. Is this a hardware or software problem? It happens on home screen and in apps, all during initial transition animation.

    I have tried to restore, but still having problem.

    Never-mind: should have searched harder on this forum. It has to do with a long named icon on the second row, second column. So weird. Kudos to people who figured that out...

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    I've seen a number of threads/posts about this kind of thing since iOS 7 was released, but can't say that I've seen anyone narrow it down to a long app name, which is interesting (and good that you updated the post with it too). Where did you find that information, out of curiosity?

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