Help! Anyone one else having issues with Snapchat?! (Iphone 6)


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Oct 14, 2014
Got my silver Iphone 6 and it's amazing. But when I go on Snapchat and take a snap, there is a 1 second delay then the app records the video. As a result, not only did it miss the original second I was trying to record, but the audio is chopped up as well. I tested out my normal video camera on it and the audio's fine :cool: But the the audio is just getting choppy any time I record on Snapchat. This never happened when I first got it and I updated to the latest ios. What I find interesting is that when I view the snap that I sent to myself or watch it from a different phone, I can hear the all the audio perfectly but when I am editing the snap, the audio is choppy and not fluent?

Is anyone else having this issue as well? And is Snapchat optimized yet for the 6? Help please because I can't snap hot chicks if I am having issues like this smh

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