HELP! App Cell data not working.

Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by Millionaire2K, Sep 26, 2015.

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    I have a few apps that cell data wont stay enabled.

    On a few apps I have turned the data off a few times over the past month and always turned them back on.

    So now when I turn cell data on for these few apps they turn green. But then when I check the app they don't work saying "no connection"

    Then I check the app "cell switches" and they all show "off" or not green.

    I tried deleting apps and it still happens.

    I tried resetting network settings, same problem.

    Most all apps except these few work on cell just fine.
    ALL apps work on wifi.

    Thanks for any info that may help.
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    Jul 9, 2011
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    Yep, it's a bug with iOS 9.0.1

    As I posted yesterday:

    "YES! Went through the issue with Apple for hours to no avail! I actually drove all the way to the Apple Store because I figured it was easier to see and explain, but I forgot today was the iPhone launch and even though I have AppleCare+ they told me they couldn't see me today. Went home and called instead and they told me the only option is to wait for an iOS update (I did a full restore). I have all of my apps with data turned off and when I want to use one on data I flip it on. So I have NO way to use data because I can't flip data on for any of my apps -- and my iPhone is now an iPod touch until (hopefully) Apple fixes it in the next iOS update. So upset, especially after being screwed over by Staples this week. On the phone with Apple now to speak with customer relations. And yes, I have no shame in saying I will be asking for some kind of compensation because I pay to have a functional iPhone WITH data usage"

    Still dealing with a senior advisor via email who is working on getting me "something for my trouble," although I made crystal clear I would much rather have my phone working instead! He said they are aware of the issue and he is sending another notice to the technicians.
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