Help! Apps Re-ordering?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jomskylark, Nov 29, 2008.

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    Sep 30, 2008

    I will explain what happened to the best of my memory.

    I opened the app "Daily Poll". After using the app for a few seconds, the home button was not responding (would not go home). I double clicked the home button, and the volume control browser popped up. I tapped, music, and I was sent to the music app.

    Eventually the home button worked again. However, something had changed.

    I'm the type of person who fills up all nine home pages with apps, free or not. All of the apps I had were in completely different locations than they were before the home button stopped working.

    I had a somewhat organized system of each app's location, divided into categories like games or paid apps, etc. This system was destroyed, with paid apps spread all over the place, and games strewn around. Even my dock was re-ordered. The funny thing was the official Apple apps. When I first got my iPod Touch, a few months ago, the device had the apps ordered in a default order. Back then, the dock was ordered: Music, Videos, Photos, and iTunes, or something like that. This was the way the dock was ordered now.

    In fact, if my memory from a few months ago still works, I think the official apps are ordered in the same way they were back then: Safari, Calendar, Mail, Contacts, YouTube, Stocks, Maps, Weather, Clock, Calculator, Notes, Settings, App Store.

    Even stranger, apps I could have sworn I deleted were back. I don't remember every app I deleted, so I'm not positive, but some of the apps I don't recall keeping. I don't know if there are any apps that I had before the problem were deleted.

    This isn't a massive problem, but I would like to know why this happened, how I can prevent it in the future, and if there's any way I can get my apps back in order.

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    You could restore the iPod, then recreate it using a recent back up which had the Apps in the correct order.

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