HELP! Attempting to install Windows XP Pro via Bootcamp

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by notlob, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. notlob macrumors newbie

    Oct 25, 2007
    I purchased my MBP about a month ago and have just purchased Windows XP Professional ver 2 via ebay. The Windows is for a new computer (not upgrade). I have printed the Bootcamp Guide to installing windows and have been attempting to follow it. I created the partition (32 GB) and waited whilst the various information transferred from the CD. Once everything seemed to have been transferred (progress bar), the computer shut down and then restarted (or attempted to restart) me the statement of "Boot from CD". It would then give me an error reading disk statement (or words to that effect). The problem is that I cannot get out of this unless I turn off the computer. When I do this, it starts up again and goes through the whole procedure of transferring files etc. and shutting does NOT give me any option of going into the Mac OS. I have done this several times now but to no avail. Following the guide on page 10, it says that I need to format this partition....however I am not given this option.:confused:

    I have two can I get around this apparent loop and error statment so that I can successfully install windows; and two....if none of this works, how do I eject the CD? I tried the option an esc but nothing happens. As it stands now, I cannot use my MBP due to the above issues.

    Thank you
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    Dec 10, 2008
    Hold Option key while booting so you can choose the OS you want to boot.
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    Oct 25, 2007
    Thanks Hellhammer, clicking on the Macintosh HD enables me to access the MBP now...i can use it...thank you:D! Clicking on the Windows icon however....nothing happens (probably because it hasn't been installed properly yet)!:confused:
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    this is the same issue i faced while installing xp on boot camp...the step i was missing was... when the xp install asks to format as NTFS, format as FAT or leave it unchanged... i always selected unchanged..which is a big NONO... you have to select NTFS or FAT.. NTFS will allow u to read only from OSX side.. while FAT will allow u to read and write from OSx.. therefore I choose FAT. Just re install windows and choose format as option.. and you will be fine.
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    Yes, I have been using that document that you posted Kitenski. With respect to being given the choice of which format to use i.e. NTFS or FAT, I am not given that choice! The whole installation goes into a continuous loop where once I have identified which to partition (normally the third option), it goes into copying and installing the all of the Windows files. ...restarts and then gives me an error message. FUrther review looks like I need to format this partition PRIOR to installing the windows software....but it does not give me that option. I started another thread about this format issue in "how do u format the partition" and it looks like there may be a solution there! Unfortunately I will only be able to check it out when I get home from work.
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    From what I remember from the windows install, there is an option when you choose the partitions, to press F8 (I think) from where you should be able to delete/create and format the partition...

    Try this link....


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