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Feb 22, 2014
I jumped straight in like a moron, trying to enhance my audio for my (macbook pro 15" early 2011 edition). I have gone from completely losing my audio, to losing audio controls and displaying no input/output devices (not detecting onboard), to now crashing the computer and receiving a panic kernel from trying to fix it with an VoodooHDA install.


1. Using unfamiliar software: selecting the wrong audio codec Realtek "ALCxxx", lost audio capabilities. I selected DSDT free in which all native apple's have DSDT (All Apple computers have a dsdt and the Cirrus Logic 4206, a proprietary audio codec).

2. Tried various other versions of "ALCxxx" to no progress.

3. Installed a universal version of VoodooHDA 2.7.3 (Rather than Realtek); I now experience computer crashes and kernel panic codes every so often.


Did I essentially fry my onboard sound?! I don't think so because on boot/start up it chimes which is sound......Yes, pressing the volume speaker icons show up grayed out and mute logo beneath; system preferences > Audio > No input/output devices detected and also mute icon is check - grayed out.

I need some resolution; apple support wants to replace the logic board which is ridiculous and cheaper to buy a new PC.

I tried seeking help here: http://www.tonymacx86.com/audio/112461-mavericks-no-audio-realtek-alc-applehda-guide-29.html

I was essentially told to piss off; the didn't handle native apple devices.
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Oct 25, 2010
I'd have thought a back up of your apps etc followed by a clean install of OSX would be your best bet

(i.e. start install use disk utility to erase the boot drive then continue install)

that'll nuke any third party kexts plists or DSDT that you've muddied the system with, and restore any standard ones that got deleted as part of their install.

you could try picking them all apart manually but could be a lot more grief and still leaves you with problems if there was standard stuff deleted as part of the third party install routines.

Add to that if there's been changes to how this sort of stuff gets handled in different OSX versions (pre lion/post lion) then could be a lot of outdated advice to google your way through too.