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Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by NStocks, Jan 7, 2010.

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    I have replaced a background of a 3D terrain that I've made ( was a black background, and I need to change the selection to fit better ), but around the edges of the trees, it's quite obvious that the tree doesn't belong in the same context of the sky. What would be the best way of blending the sky and tree so that they don't seem ' stuck on ' . I will also alter the colour and levels to make it more realistic.

    Thank You !

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  2. McDughf macrumors regular

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    Assuming That You Are Using Photoshop Of Some Flavour, Try Using The Magic Wand To Select And Then Feathering It Either In The Tools Options Box Or Using The Menu Command
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    After the feathering you may want to experiment with adding some saturation to the tree to give it a feel that's more matched with the sky. Probably not an even coat of saturation to the whole tree, but at least more toward the top and maybe right.
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    Might I also suggest "Refine Edge" which can be found if you select the layer with the tree and search under the "select" menu.
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    glow effect

    You're basically trying to recolour the edge falloff. So try applying the 'inner glow' layer effect to the tree. Leave it on 'Screen' initially, set the colour to that of the sky, and set the size to roughly the thickness of that dark edge. Play around with the size, the choke, the opacity and the blend mode (Soft or Hard Light sometimes work well, but you may also need to tweak the colour).
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    Burt Monroy and Ben Willmore do just what you're looking for in this video:

    He's using Adobe Camera Raw mostly, but you'll see the method, which works just as well in Photoshop.
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    As it is yourself who has made the tree image, is it not possible for you to make the background to the tree white? This will make masking much easier and more accurate when you try to composite the images together.

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