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    On each project I have, I comment the folder with my clients' name (e.g. "Bob") and a reference code (e.g. X2005) so that I can easily find it later by doing a Spotlight or Finder search.

    What I would like to do have an icon on my desktop that I can double-click and a Finder window opens showing me all of the folders with Bob's name, another icon that shows all folders with Jane's name, another that shows Ron's folders, etc.

    I've tried setting this up in Automator using the "Find Finder Items" action and these parameters:

    Search Computer
    All of the following are true
    • Any content contains "Bob"
    • Kind is "folder"
    When I click on run, I get a warning saying, "This application will not receive input when run inside Automator. To test this application within Automator, add the “Get Specified Finder Items” action to the beginning of your workflow. Remove or disable the action before running the workflow outside of Automator." I click OK and the action runs and produces the result I'm looking for: a list of Bob's folders.

    However, when I save this as an application, and double click on it, nothing happens. What am I doing wrong?
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    You can do exactly what you want using saved search in Finder.

    Open a Finder window and set it up like in my screenshot with whatever variable(s) you want, then click "save" to save the search. Then in the dropdown pick the Desktop as the location for the saved search and name it what you want.

    Now when you double click the saved search on the desktop you will see all your folders with Bob or whatever you have specified in the saved search.

    You can uncheck save to sidebar if you like so these don't clutter up the Finder sidebar.

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    Wonderful! Thank you so much!

    I hadn't played with saved searches since they were first introduced. If I recall correctly, back then they always appeared in the sidebar. I definitely don't want them there.

    Your solution is perfect. Thanks again!

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