help buying MBP want to add more RAM

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by majapapaya, Apr 25, 2007.

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    Apr 25, 2007
    I hope I word this properly. I am going to buy a MBP 15.4" 2.16GHz 1GB and the authorized seller offers a extra 1GB installed for a good price. Should I get the extra Ram? Since it is not Apple installing the RAM will this void the Apple Care I want to buy. This store doesn't offer Apple Care so I will have to purchase it elswhere.
    Also Glossy or Matte screen?

    Oh yeah I'm buying from Macmall, though I read some neg reviews about thier rebates, I called and complianed about the mail-rebate for delivery they said they would wave the delivery charge and guarenteed the other mail-in rebates will work as long as I have them e-mailed to me.
    Ready o by my first Lappy!

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    Installing RAM does not void the warranty
    2 Gb RAM is better than 1 Gb RAM certainly
    Also compare RAM prices at Crucial (link at the top of this page), OWC ( and DMS ( before committing.
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    Although I can't find this specific information under Apple's Warranty Coverage information, from what I understand there needs to be at least one stick of "Apple Certified Memory" [basically means it will cost 2x as much as normal RAM] for the machine to be covered under warranty at their stores. Basically, if you buy non-certified RAM and there is a problem with that RAM, they can't really do anything but tell you to go buy new cards. Then again, a place selling Macs should have the obligation to add Apple certified memory to that system as an upgrade.

    But just to add RAM to your machine by yourself does not void the warranty. It's actually one of the few things that is user installable on Macs. And if you were to add non certified memory then all you need to do is put your old RAM that the machine came with if you get it serviced [just in case].

    Also, keep in mind that when Apple ships their computers [and most likely this MacMall place] with 2 sticks in only 2 available slots. So if you get 1gb you'll have 2x512mb chips and if you add memory at a later date you'll have to take one of those cards out to add more.

    Glossy vs. Matte is personal preference. With glossy everything generally looks better [colors are richer] but you get a lot more glare. With matte the colors are the same as just about any screen but there is hardly any glare. If you are doing any design work I wouldn't recommend the glossy because what you see isn't necessarily what you'll get when printed. Personally I am starting to like the glossy screen more and more because I play games and do basic computer.... stuff.
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    Apr 17, 2007
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    Apple allows you to self upgrade your RAM and HD without going against your warranty, which is a good thing.

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