Help - Cannot install OSX lion purchased from App Store

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by lennydavies, Aug 26, 2012.

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    Aug 26, 2012
    Hi there,

    I am really stuck here and I must be missing something obvious I have a macbook white mid 2007 - it has 4gb ram + 128 gb ocz agility 3 ssd.

    I purchased OSX lion from the app store about a year ago I also have my original tiger install cd and my snow leopard upgrade disk , I have lost my original leopard upgrade disk.

    I recently had an issue with my SSD requiring a firmware update to work with macs - it kept freezing and i bricked it in the process. That has now come back under RMA and now i am really stuck

    I can get tiger installed ok but my Snow Leopard update disk refuses to upgrade the version of tiger that I have it insists on having leopard on there first which I can't do as I have lost my disk.

    You can't use the app store on tiger so thats a no go.

    I now have a mac pro retina and I have tried creating a usb recovery disk but that will only create a 10.8 mountain lion recovery drive which won't work or even boot for that matter.

    The point is I bought a full version of OSX lion the the app store and now have no way of getting it onto my old macbook which I now want to sell.

    Please note as my mac pro is the retina and my macbook white is 2007 so I have no means of writing a dvd.

    Surely apple should provide a download installer that I can put on a usb stick to install my version of lion that is on the app store
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