help cant add purchased tv shows to my nano??

Discussion in 'iPod' started by biggles3332, Mar 23, 2008.

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    Aug 19, 2007
    hi there
    Man i hope someone can help here?
    i recently bought an ipod nano 3g its connected to my iMac g4 tiger thats running at 10.4.11,i've downloaded an episode of south park i purchased from itunes,the problem is getting the show to sync with my nano everytime i try adding the show to the nano nothing,this is what i have done to try and resolve the problem,i updated my itunes to the current update 7.6.1
    also ive been trying to update my quicktime because i think that might be an issue to the reason why its not working,im currently on quicktime 7,ive tried till im blue in the face updating and installing quicktime 7.4.1 update but everytime i try to install it it abruptly ends the install with a message stating there were errors installing the software please try installing again,i've tried over ten times to install this update software why wont it install?
    also my ipod nano came with 1.0 usb lead should i buy a 2.0 usb lead for it?
    im stuck guys and thinking of returning the nano back to the shop,maybe the older version will upload and sync the tv show???
    thank you to anyone who replies to this query.

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