Help! Can't restore iPhone (3G)

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    I connected my iPhone to my computer and something strange happened: The bar at the bottom in iTunes that shows the disk usage was almost completely orange ("Other") instead of blue. I also couldn't get it to sync properly. I tried restarting both the phone and my computer, to no avail. So I did a restore. It downloaded the 2.0 software, installed it, then it got to the Set Up Your iPhone screen (restore from the backup of ...). I clicked continue, and the process took forever, much longer than it normally should have. Then it completed. The phone seemed fine; all of my contacts, texts, apps, etc were on there, but no music. Fine. I looked back at iTunes...and it was back on the Set Up Your iPhone screen. huh? I disconnected the phone and everything seemed to be working fine. I had a cell signal, etc. I plugged it back in to my computer, and iTunes gave me the same Set Up Your iPhone screen again! I've tried restoring several times now and it always does the same thing!
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    You Can Restore You're Iphone

    i had the same problem tonight and after about an hour searching for answers on various forums, i came across this:

    did the trick for me and we're back up and running.

    also, if you have not done so yet, restore the phone for the most recent build of 2.0. seems some of the first batch didn't contain the updated version of 2.0 which DOES fix some bugs like the contacts screen lag etc...

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