HELP Car Glovebox + Lost Financial Papers = Me Freaking Out

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by rockthecasbah, Jul 2, 2008.

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    Okay I seem to have the worst luck right now. So here's the story (a bit of a rant sorry :eek:):

    I had a paper-clipped group of papers that included: a notecard listing both my Savings and my Checking account numbers, my two Apple rebate checks for $299 and $100, and $300 cash. This was all going in my dad's car because he was going to deposit them in my account (i wrote the deposit slip out already) when he went to the bank tomorrow. I gave my dad the account #'s because mine had changed and with his business that he owns, he regularly goes to the bank making it unnecessary for me to go myself... So we unexpectedly stopped at Circuit City to buy a sale DVD which they didn't even have (and they apparently don't write rain checks so the whole stop was pointless anyway). Because we stopped, I didn't feel safe just leaving the bundle of money/financial papers in the center console of the car that was clearly visible, so I put them in my dad's glovebox.

    Lo and behold, when i go to retrieve the money/papers to make sure he had them before I left, they were nowhere to be found. We emptied the glovebox, nothing. It must have fallen through the back slip of tiny space when the glovebox opens/closes! I start freaking out because as a student, $700 lost is a huge deal!

    I got really upset and worried about the checking and savings account #'s because if someone who opened the glovebox at an automotive shop saw that and took down my information, they could fraud me out of nearly $6000 more! Furthermore, Wachovia can only put 24 hour freezes on accounts and does not have guaranteed fraud protection in the event that unauthorized purchases were made, I was advised by customer service to have the accounts transferred so I got new numbers before any fraud could happen. In reality, I could call and cancel the rebates from Apple and ask them to resend them, but that's still $300 cash I'd lost.

    We have come to the solution that my dad is taking the car to the automotive shop we frequent to see if they can open the glovebox while he's there so no fraud could possibly take place. I'm sure that they would be able to access that tiny space behind the glovebox, but it is still really scary and stressful. This all comes after I received the rebate checks 2 days ago and $250 of the cash only hours before from selling my free iPod Touch on Craigslist.

    Do you have any advice in the event that they can't get to that space behind the glovebox? It's a 2004ish Honda Element and we thoroughly examined to see if we could simply unhinge it ourselves, looked beneath the box... pretty much everything has been tried short of actually trying to fish it out with say a wire hanger or something. Has anything happened to you that you can help me? I'm still a bit freaked out :eek:
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    Any car can be disassembled, so any good auto technician will do that for you, even the audio/alarm installers, so if those papers are really inside your car they will be able to get them, be there with them and be sure that when they re-assemble don't loose or add anything.
    Good Luck and to avoid situations like this in the future use this criteria: if it is important and you can't live without it never leave it in the car.
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    Quite a few cars the glovebox can be removed as easily as the ashtray.

    Unhook the string that keeps the glovebox from flopping open quickly, and squeeze in the plastic sides where the plastic nubs are.

    The Honda element shouldn't be too difficult, since there are usually things right behind the glovebox that may need service.

    Looks like a few screws for this one. (starting page 3-4)
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    I can remove my glove box pretty easily in my car because the A/C filters are behind it, I dont even need a screw driver. Take a look at your dad's owner's manual. Good luck. :)
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    I suspect the glovebox comes out pretty easily.

    Usually there are relays and ecus located back there for easy access. I know in my car there's an ECU cruise control, day time driving lights, and windows back there.

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