Help choosing a 2.5" external drive...


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I am going out of town this summer and need a scratch disk for some editing I need to do (and perhaps a few games? :D )
Apparently, the world's HDD manufactures have dumped FireWire and warmly embraced USB 2.0.
My first question is... Is USB 2.0 sufficient speed for a scratch disk?
If not, can someone suggest a good 2.5" FW drive that is inexpensive (under $150 would be great)

Finally, How much space do you think I need? I have two big scratch disks at home, and the 2.5 would be more of a 'travel' disk for one or two projects and a small partition for windows games.


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Nov 17, 2004
The Msp
Lacie has some good refurbs if you're OK with USB in that price range:
100GB 5400RPM USB 2.0 Mobile, Designed by F.A. Porsche (RECON) - $149.99

That ain't too shabby, though I would just wait and see if any of their FW drives end up on there.


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Oct 3, 2005
Nelson, BC. Canada
I've just ordered this from Macally, since I have a spare 60Gb 4200 notebook drive, after upgrading my wife's XP notebook HD.

Nice to have USB2 and Firewire connections - plus it'll allow daisy chaining, potentially to a video-camera for mobile capturing.

I've used both USB2 and Firewire for SD/mini-DV video capture, without any problems. I prefer firewire though, as it's supposed to manage bandwidth more effcientiently then USB2.