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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by felt., May 13, 2010.

  1. felt. macrumors 6502a

    Mar 13, 2008
    I need a sturdy stand for my iPad but I can't seem to decide on one

    so far the ones I've considered are

    I just want something that is portable, adjustable and sturdy. those are my only criteria. the element case one was my favorite cuz it looks sweet, but it only works on ipads that dont have protective cases on them, which sucks.

    any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've seen the DIY solutions and the only one I liked was the joule knockoff a forum member made out of wood :)
  2. dhc921 macrumors newbie

    Aug 18, 2009
    Bookgem is good choice...

    Works nice and it's not too expensive.
  3. GoCubsGo macrumors Nehalem


    Feb 19, 2005
  4. Prolanman macrumors newbie

    Jul 28, 2009
    I bought the tripod type stand that Dealextreme has from a seller eBay. Works great.
  5. itzcoolz macrumors regular

    May 6, 2010
    to throw another suggestion into the mix. it seems like a great design, and they just started taking orders yesterday (i was on the e-mail to notify list). things i liked about is it that it seems semi-portable, adjustable height, and will provide options for accommodating different cases.

    i actually placed an order yesterday (because i was burned by waiting on the whole dodocase thing), but i'm a little tentative because i haven't seen any convincing usage pictures or reviews.
  6. eTip macrumors 6502

    Mar 12, 2009
    I dunno. They say that they are built by "a team of elve's". Sounds like elf exploitation to me ;-)
  7. stevegmu macrumors regular

    Jan 29, 2008
    A stone's throw from the White House.
    The Joule stand is great. Portable, looks nice and is very sturdy. Definitely worth the price. Also has some weight to it, so can be used as a weapon to fend off iPad thieves-


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