[HELP] Choosing Protection Accesories/Jailbreaking concerns.

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    Dec 21, 2009
    Hello, thanks for taking your time viewing my thread!

    Note : This is my first iPhone!

    So, my parents just picked up my reserved iPhone 3GS, Black version. (They did reserve the white version for me, but when they went to pick it up, they said there was something wrong with the white version) So, whatever, ill take it, does the things I want it to.

    Anyway, back to the point, I have quite a few questions, so please take the time to read them in detail.

    My budget is £60 or less!

    Q1) What is the best Anti-Glare Screen protector for the iPhone 3GS (Front/Back)?

    Q2) What is the most stylish yet protective case for the iPhone 3GS (Sylicone or Harcase)

    Q3) Is there anything else I can do to protect my iPhone 3GS from scratches/scuffs? (I want to resell it in perfect condition in a year or two)

    ----Jailbreaking Concerns----

    I have been reading about jailbreaking, and read that it is alot different from unlocking, and is much safer.

    My question is, Is it 100% safe to jailbreak my iPhone 3GS? If so, can someone please provide a link for a tutorial (Windows XP or Windows Vista/7)

    Thankyou Very Much, your replies are appreciated!
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    Apr 1, 2008
    1) The power support anti glares are really good. They sell at the Apple store in a 2 pack for £9.00

    2) I use an InCase slider, and it protects the phone from drops well. Just don't take it off and on too much or it will cause minor scratching. They sell at Apple, o2, or the Carphone Warehouse for £24.95

    3)Be careful and don't drop it?

    Jailbreak) In my opinion I have jailbroken many people's iPhones for them and it was fine. If you ever get a problem, just restore in iTunes and carry out my nice acronym : TITS - Take it to the store :D There may be a problem though if your new 3GS had a new iBoot which could make it 'un-unlockable'. If the iphone has any software below and excluding 3.2.1 then it is fine, but if it has 3.2.1 you may be in a spot of bother. Some useful links below:

    Howto guide

    Unlock guide

    About iBoot
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    Dec 21, 2009
    Thankyou verymuch mate, this has helped alot! Thankyou again. :)

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