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    So my iPhone 5 develops a fault, within warranty, and Apple agree that it needs replacement. They tell me the best option is drive to an apple store and they will swap it out. So I wait a week for a genius appointment then drive for 2.5 hours to store and swap it out - then drive home for 2.5 hours. A long expensive trip, but so far so good...

    But when I get home I can't get any service. So, by the advice of Apple, I restore it. But then the problems start; its in recovery mode, but it won't restore. Throws up the error code -1. Even DFU mode (and yes I am in DFU mode with black screen) won't work.

    Apple won't help, they say I have to return it to them. So before I go insane, is the ANYTHING I can try to restore it?

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    Nope, sounds like its a hardware issue.
    Nothing you can fix with iTunes.
    You will have to either drive back or mail it to them.
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    Can't you get it replaced using the express method? Call Apple support. Shouldn't have to go back to the store for that.
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    Is that where they send a replacement and charge a holding fee while they test the old one? It think the ask for $/£400 on a credit card don't they?
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    Ok, so to be fair to Apple, they have done a fairly decent job of putting this right. They are going do an express exchange but wave the £29 delivery fee, plus they have said I can have a generous amount of money to spend in the Apple store. I would have liked them to not have to taken a holding fee, but I think they have been pretty good compared to most companies. O2 (UK Network) basically said take a running jump.

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