help configuring both airport express and xbox 360

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by actorkid, Sep 11, 2009.

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    Hey everyone, hoping I can get some quick help here.

    Just moved back to school and got our internet set up. Our internet service came with a simple cable modem and no router.

    I set up my airport express to give my apartment wifi, but the problem is, xbox doesn't have wireless built in (i refuse to purchase the wireless dongle).

    So my roommates and i purchased an ethernet network hub. We made one connection to my airport express, and one connection directly into the xbox.

    Now here's what we can't figure out.....

    We can only configure one or the other to work at a time. We can't get them both to work at the same time. We configure the xbox, and the airport express won't work. We then reconfigure the airport, and we get kicked off of xbox live.

    Does anyone know a way to get both of these to work simultaneously?

    Quick response would be greatly appreciated.

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    I think the issue comes from the way the Express is intended to work, along with DHCP/etc. The AE is intended to be a router, with the wired jack being the connection to the cable modem, and all clients on wireless.

    By plugging the AE into the switch, you've got the routing screwy and no IP addresses are being assigned to the Xbox because it's on the "wrong" (WAN) side of the AE.

    Just go get a cheap regular router and plug its WAN port into the cable modem, and then you can plug the AE into that for wireless n. Like this:

    CableModem <---> WiredRouter <----> AirPort <---> WirelessClients
                                   |--> Xbox
                                   |--> OtherWired

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