HELP!! Constant Reboot Will Not Restore

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Jul 23, 2009
Yesterday before I left for work I plugged my iPad Air in to charge. I use the stock Apple cable and power adapter. When I returned home I noticed the iPads screen was on and showing the apple logo. Turns out the iPad has gone into a constant reboot cycle. It flashes the Apple Logo for a few seconds then a blue screen then goes blank before restarting. Attempts at a reset by holding down the Home and Sleep buttons only cause it to reboot and go into the reboot loop again. After that I tried connecting it to iTunes and managed to get it into recovery mode. After trying multiple times on multiple computers , I continue to get a 4013 error. The iPad makes it all the way to the point that the progress bar shows on the screen then goes back into its reboot loop and I get that 4013 error. I have tried every method I can find online and my warranty expired on 11/9/14. Apple wants $334 to fix what was probably caused by their own software.

Any an all help or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


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Sep 23, 2013
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What exactly are they fixing for that much money? Seems like that kind of a bill would mean it's pretty serious. For a few more bucks you can just buy another one for goodness sakes. I wouldn't spend that to fix it, that's for sure.

Otherwise, not sure what to tell ya. If it's stuck in some loop then that can't be good..... Hardware failure, IMO.


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Jun 11, 2009
keep going back to the apple store and different apple stores until a genius gives you an iPad replacement for free. they do this for customer service. if the genius won't replace it, get another genus. get the store manager. the genius can replace any gadget out of warranty without managers approval.

free software support can be obtained by the telephone by simply using the secret password of
"i recently installed iOS 8"

if your iPad shows any signs of being jailbroken , or they suspect jailbreaking then your screwed.

offer to pay $99 for applecare. see if they let you slide

here is a picture of what happens when you get a good genius

make sure you go to and click on ERASE and REMOVE FROM ACCOUNT on that iPad.

find my iPhone has to be disabled. find my iPhone works so well that it needs to be disabled on repair orders


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Jun 11, 2009
tell them it was the iOS 8 OTA update that bricked your iPad!


i vaguely recall a news story. about apple stores. this was only a few weeks ago

apparently theres this map of apple stores. and it shows you which stores are more lenient about repairs and which stores will deny you repairs.

maybe someone recalls this and posts it

oh yeah!!! here it is

yeah its an iPhone 6 bend map but maybe it will also reflect iPads!!!


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Dec 20, 2011
Sorry to bump this older thread, but my iPad Air is doing the same exact thing. Very curious on what could have caused this.