Help! Convert DVD to iPhone M4V: Keeping subtitles (extract or fix)

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    I would like to convert my favorite TV show to .m4v iPhone format with correct selectable subtitles.

    After converting each chapter with HandBrake i think i have 2 choices:
    1: Download the .srt subtitle file from a 3rd party website & put them together (and fix the subs).
    2: Extract the subtitle file from the DVD.

    Putting together the downloaded .srt files with the converted .m4v files went fine with Subler, but the last 5 subtitles had syncing issues.

    I tried various sub-syncing-apps (Aegisub, Subs Factory, Sears, SubSyncX & reSync)
    which could not help me, because I need a 'stretching' functionality, rather than a 'shifting' function which i couldn't find in any mac app.

    With 'shifting' i mean: the first subtitle until the last one have to shift some seconds constantly.
    With 'stretching' i mean: shifting subtitles proportionally, where the first pair of subtitles have to shift only a few mili seconds and the last pair of subs need to shift about a minute or so.

    Suppose an app for fixing subs properly isn't available..

    I also can't find a proper application to extract subtitles from a dvd, as D-Subtitler is outdated and doesn't deliver the goods (i.e. comes up with texts as "onceuponatime" in stead of "Once upon a time").

    Can anybody help me to convert a movie from the original dvd with (working) selectable subtitles for the iPhone?
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    Noot the most elegant but free solution is to use MakeMKV to extract the desired movies - with subtitles, and then convert the mkv to m4v.

    MakeMKV -

    A one step, non-free solution is Mac DVD Ripper Pro or DVD REMaster ( - which is in the App Store

    I've used all 3 with good results; MakeMKV does BluRay as well. The added benefit of these solutions is you're not limited to iPhone conversions. I've used them to cut clips from DVDs and convert to MPEG as well. If your looking for just an iPhone solution (all 3 of the above will do that and more) you may want Google DVD to iPhone - there are a bunch of programs that do that, some free, some not.

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