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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hardikp, Mar 28, 2012.

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    Mar 28, 2012

    I am thinking of getting my first Mac. I have an iphone and am about to get an ipad aswell as a Macbook pro.

    I want to create a system where it backs up literally everything I have in a safe place - either local or cloud. But I want it so that all the main stuff is on my macbook pro but i can access it from my ipad and iphone and even edit it and the changes to register in the main place of storage and on all computers.

    I know currently calenders apps and settings do sync. Is this possible for documents to have them update with latest version to all devices?

    Also, since my macbook pro wont have as much disk space as I need, I want an external harddrive that I can access from all devices that I can edit and save stuff to or even transfer stuff to when a device is getting full and in addition to that have a partition which is for a complete backup of all my data (maybe on a weekly basis) in case I accidentally delete something (which according to my setup would then delete it from all devices).

    Does anyone know an economical and easy way to have this setup?

    Many thanks
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    Follow these steps:

    1. Buy a wireless router with a USB port that can have an USB port on it. I personally think a Airport Extreme would be your best bet.

    2. Then buy two external hard drives, one for your Mac backups and one for good one for your iTunes Media center. Look at at the video HowTo: Move Your iTunes library to an external drive to see how to set it up.

    3. Connect one hard drive to your main Mac and use that for backup. Then use the other to move the iTunes Library then after that move it the USB port on the Extreme and then share it to anyone in your Network to use. Then let everyone share the same iTunes account so when any family member can use the same iTune Library and just have access to it over your network.

    4. Buy the iTunes Match. This way the iTunes can be matched and streamed to the iPad/iPhone devices when on the go.

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