help creating my email address with my domain.

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by rei101, Jan 26, 2015.

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    hey guys.

    I bough my first domain name with and I have a basic host as well, I would like to have 1 email address with my domain. They are charging me something like $14 a year.

    Is there another service that can do that for free? like google or something?

    Thank you.
  2. firedept, Jan 27, 2015
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    No such thing I am aware of, I could be wrong and someone will correct me if I am.

    If you want your email address to match your domain, you will either have to pay your host provider or it should come free with your web hosting plan. Most host providers will provide at least one free mailboxes even on the minimal of hosting plans.

    I keep all my domain mailboxes with my host provider as I am provided 300 mailboxes for free.
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    Google (Apps) Domain used to be free. Now it's a pay service. They grandfathered the free accounts to remain free. I wish I had added a few more domains to Google Apps before it went pay.

    Microsoft Exchange Online is also pay, now as well.

    My primary domain (blog) is on a Linode VPS, but rather than managing Sendmail/procmail/qmail/etc, I still leave all my MX records on Google Mail.
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    Although not exactly the best solution, you can typically just login to your domain registrar and either enable email accounts (typically included for free), or create unlimited email "forwarders" that is are imaginary email addresses that simply forward to another email account you choose.

    The problem with forwarders is that it can be difficult to then send replies AS that account without them then being flagged by modern spam filters as spoofed.

    Then best option is to actually pay for a Google Apps for business account, or an Office 365 business plan that allows you to use your domain name with the service. With Google Apps for Business, you can have a full-featured cloud service (email, calendar, contacts, Google Drive, etc), all using your own domain, for about $50 per year. Paying for service also has it's benefits in that you can actually get support from Google is you have an issue.
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    use google apps and you will have your gmail with your domain name it was free in the past but now they charge you for it
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    Google apps and office 365 all do the same thing.

    If you want a free service, I had suggested a friend to use zoho mail and he likes it.
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    Thank you guys, I already subscribed to a service.

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