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i apologize if for whatever reason, this thread isn't in the right place or in the right format, etc.

Basically I need to know if I can use filza to locate a disruptive tweak and delete it, and if that would make everything go back to the way it was before install said tweak. And if that's possible, then I need directions to locate file(s) for deletion.

I'm not a developer, expert, nor do I know anything about coding or anything like that. I can say that I've been jailbreaking iPhones and installing Cydia packages since iPhone 3GS was new, back in the days Blackra1n, redsn0w, evaders and so on. In that time I've never seen a tweak disrupt Cydia this way, rendering it basically useless. I'll explain exactly what led to my problem and I hope someone out there Can help me. Here goes.

my iPad mini 2nd gen iOS 10.3.2 was jailbroken using double helix. Everything worked perfectly. Here's the list of packages I had installed prior to my problem. Activator, appcake, appsync, liberty, killbackground, flex2, filza. Then what happened was....

I installed a package from the kiiimo repo called "breakthrough" (or break-"something"). It was supposed to be for jailbreak detection. After respringing, there was no sign of the package on my springboard, nor in my settings. I went to go back into Cydia but when I tapped, it opened for a second, then crashed. But it crashed in a different way than the crash you get when u reboot a tethered JB. Instead It kinda fades away. When I looked for Cydia in my switcher it showed the page I was last on, but when I tap it, same fade away crash.

I know without a doubt that my jailbreak is still good as far as being tethered and what not. Becuz some of the tweaks I have are still working.

Here's what I've done since then. Closed Cydia thru switcher, reopened (did nothing). Deleted double helix app, rejailbreaked iPad (didn't work bc the same packages were still installed).
*also one other effect from this was with appcake. I'm was able to download apps, but when trying to install, instant fail every time.

So I'm stuck bc I can't get into cydia and I can't get into substrate safe mode without rebooting (from what I understand). So basically I'm wondering if filza can save me somehow. I've looked for the "break[?] tweak to delete it but don't really know my way around the file system that well. If someone can guide me to the location of installed Cydia tweaks in filza that would be great. I'm not even sure if this is possible or the best solution at this point. I'd like to avoid at all costs doing a restore of any kind. If all else fails I guess I can erase all data and settings in the settings app but that's a sacrifice I'd like to avoid if possible. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm being a noob, or not doing something correctly on this platform. I'm just trying to find every option i have and come up with the best viable solution for this situation. Thank you dearly for any help.