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Discussion in 'Console Games' started by swanseaboy, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Hi, if someone could help...

    Background: I have a PS4 (which I don't play). My 10 year old son has a sub account (I have the master account, I've managed to get that far).

    Now my son wants to play FIFA with a school friend that he has 'friended' on the PS4.

    I've managed to sign up to PS+ on my account, is his sub account covered to play online with his mate? Will I also need to set up an EA origin account for him to do this, or is that to play online in matches (ie. Not PS4 friends). How does he actually play his friend?

    I've tried google but the only results I found didn't answer my problem. Is it just me or do PS4 newbies with dumb questions not exist on the Internet?!

    Thanks very much in advance
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    Thank you Jah...I'm so Blessed
    He should be able to play online with your PS Plus account on the same PS4. I'm not positive on how Origins work but you might need to set up an account before he plays online(hopefully not)

    To play with his friend just make sure the friend is added to your son's friends list and create a private game session and invite the friend to play.

    I'm not familiar with FIFA but hopefully it has a private game session where he can invite his friend to play. Boot the game up and check the options on the game's menu.

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    Hi, thanks for replying. I think the problem is that he is too young, you have to be a certain age and his sub account has been set up with his real age (which can't be edited retrospectively). I say I think, but I haven't got a clue! Just clutching at straws. You'd think Sony would want to make this easy lol.
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    I can't help, but will agree, usability has taken a huge it these days. No manuals, and no easy explanations, and forget about the stuff they don't want you to know (like, having a minimum age? I'm sure it is somewhere, buried in fine print you'd need a telescope to read).

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