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    Jun 29, 2011
    Hello guys i were instaling windows xp on my mac for the second time using the boot camp assistant, but every time i tried to choose the partition to instal the xp the type (fat) was alrady choosen and i wasnt able to complete the instalation, so i pressed "F7" on this partition to see if it could fix my problem but i deleted the 45gb partition and this space is not back so i can only creat a 21gb partition now.

    When i try do make a partition on the boot camp or look up how much space is left on the finder its says that theres only 21gb left (like the partition i deleted is already there), but when i go to the partition tab on the disk ultilitary it says that theres is 71gb left (all the space that should be free if the partition was really deleted).

    Any help is welcome.
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    Hi, what you need to do first is open up Disk Utility, delete the Boot Camp partition, and enlarge the Mac one to the full size of the OS. Even though it reduced the size of the partition to 21 GB, the hard drive didn't forget that the space is still there :) So once you do that (and if you're not sure call Apple! You don't want to lose anything!), create the partition again using Boot Camp. Now here's the catch: FAT (I'm assuming in your case it's actually FAT32) can ONLY be used on partitions with 32 GB OR LESS of space, nothing larger! If it's FAT or FAT32, FAT32 is better but still won't work in your case. If it is larger (you said 45 GB?) you must use a NTFS partition instead! Hope this helps, and I think that you got messed up because you wanted to format at with FAT.
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    Jun 29, 2011
    Thankyou so much dude, did it and my space is "back", altough i havent done the partition yet, is there much diferent between NFTS and FAT?

    Anyway Thankyou soo much for the help.:)

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