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Jun 20, 2013
I have a MacPro 4,1 (model # A1289) that is constantly giving me Kernel Panics. I have tried swapping memory with another MacPro, changing the slot the video board is in, but I'm still unable to solve this. Can anybody please help me with this?

I reinstalled OSX, removed all hard drives but the system hard drive, and I'm still getting panics. Sometimes it'll work for a few hours, and other times it will through a fit while booting. You don't have to be doing anything for the panic to occur. Today it happened when updating the system, when booting, when surfing the new with Safari.

Here's the panic log:

Interval Since Last Panic Report: 13076 sec
Panics Since Last Report: 15
Anonymous UUID: 603F72EC-76F9-45FE-B43E-C0168E2B9139

Thu Jun 20 15:34:28 2013
Machine-check capabilities (cpu 8) 0x0000000000001c09:
family: 6 model: 26 stepping: 5 microcode: 17
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5520 @ 2.27GHz
9 error-reporting banks
threshold-based error status present
extended corrected memory error handling present
Machine-check status 0x0000000000000004:
machine-check in progress
MCA error-reporting registers:
IA32_MC0_STATUS(0x401): 0x0000000000000800 invalid
IA32_MC1_STATUS(0x405): 0x0000000000000800 invalid
IA32_MC2_STATUS(0x409): 0xf60023c000040150 valid
MCA error code: 0x0150
Model specific error code: 0x0004
Other information: 0x000023c0
Threshold-based status: No tracking
Status bits:
Processor context corrupt
ADDR register valid
Error enabled
Uncorrected error
Error overflow
IA32_MC2_ADDR(0x40a): 0x0000000000293590
IA32_MC3_STATUS(0x40d): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
IA32_MC4_STATUS(0x411): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
IA32_MC5_STATUS(0x415): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
IA32_MC6_STATUS(0x419): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
IA32_MC7_STATUS(0x41d): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
Package 1 logged:
IA32_MC8_STATUS(0x421): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
Package 0 logged:
IA32_MC8_STATUS(0x421): 0x0000000000000000 invalid
panic(cpu 8 caller 0x2aaf41): Machine Check at 0x00293561, thread:0x177e1000, trapno:0x12, err:0x0,registers:
CR0: 0x80010033, CR2: 0x00582868, CR3: 0x33b47000, CR4: 0x00000660
EAX: 0x3a423067, EBX: 0x3a423267, ECX: 0x80000000, EDX: 0x80000000
ESP: 0x934cb470, EBP: 0x934cb5f8, ESI: 0x00000001, EDI: 0x85ac8000
EFL: 0x00000246, EIP: 0x00293561

Backtrace (CPU 8), Frame : Return Address (4 potential args on stack)
0x85a24fb8 : 0x21b837 (0x5dd7fc 0x85a24fec 0x223ce1 0x0)
0x85a25008 : 0x2aaf41 (0x59dfe4 0x59e0d1 0x293561 0x177e1000)
0x85a250f8 : 0x2a29f2 (0x1 0x508808b 0x34890000 0x84d0ff24)
0x934cb5f8 : 0x255994 (0x16b95d24 0x5000000 0x1 0x3a423)
0x934cb668 : 0x255fe1 (0x64a6a6c 0x16b95d24 0x5000000 0x1)
0x934cb6d8 : 0x259e8d (0x2af85c4 0x5000000 0x1 0x934cb83c)
0x934cb798 : 0x2654c0 (0x2af85c4 0x934cb83c 0x16b95d24 0x5000000)
0x934cb8a8 : 0x4da1e1 (0x5001000 0x1 0x3 0x0)
0x934cb8e8 : 0x4433da (0x5000000 0x1 0x1000 0x0)
0x934cb9e8 : 0x2fc799 (0x934cba00 0x3 0x934cbebc 0x490706)
0x934cba38 : 0x2e7dcd (0x1c1bd848 0x934cbebc 0x1 0x934cbf04)
0x934cbf28 : 0x2e81ff (0x1000 0x0 0x934cbf5c 0x934cbf50)
0x934cbf78 : 0x4f82fb (0x17677d20 0x1772cac8 0x17671804 0x1)
0x934cbfc8 : 0x2a251d (0x1772cac4 0x0 0x10 0x0)

BSD process name corresponding to current thread: mdworker

Mac OS version:

Kernel version:
Darwin Kernel Version 10.8.0: Tue Jun 7 16:33:36 PDT 2011; root:xnu-1504.15.3~1/RELEASE_I386
System model name: MacPro4,1 (Mac-F221BEC8)

System uptime in nanoseconds: 146249371558
unloaded kexts: 2.1.3b1 (addr 0xfef000, size 0x118784) - last unloaded 146051712462
loaded kexts: 1.9.3d0 - last loaded 30125202204 1.0.2d2
100.12.31 2.1.0 1.2.0 3.5.7 1.0.20 2.0.5f14 2.0.5f14 1.57 6.3.6 7.0.0 1.1.6 11 4.7.0a1 1.5.1 4.0.6 1.6.4 2.6.8
31.1 1.0.0d1 4.7.3 4.2.4 2.1.8b1 2.1.7 4.2.4 4.2.0 1.4.0 1.3.1 1.5 1.3.6 1.7 1.3.6 1.4 142.6.0 1 0 2.1.14 142.6.0 17 2.0.5f14 10 14 10 10 20 1.0.10d0 6.3.6 6.3.6 2.2.1 2.0.3 74.2 2.4.5f3 10.0.3 1.8.3fc2 1.3 2.0.5f14 2.2.1 2.0.5f14 41 3.1.0d5 4.7.0a1
1.0.10d0 2.4.5f3 2.4.5f3 2.4.5f3 402.1 4.2.0 3.9.0 2.6.8
1.6 1.6 1.6.1 4.2.6 1.2.6 2.6.8 1.10 4.2.4 2.0.6 4.2.4 1.4.0 1.6.6 1.1 1.0.0d1 6 289.1 1.6.3 1.3.6 2.6.5 1.3.0


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Jun 13, 2013
Looks like Spotlight is panicking your computer, which AFAIK just uses RAM and disks. You checked RAM, maybe a disk somewhere is somehow torquing the disk subsystem?

Really you need a debug resolved backtrace to tell.


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Original poster
Jun 20, 2013
Thanks for the pointer!!!!!

There are 3 disks installed, two 1.5Tb in a RAID pair, and a 640Gb system disk. I tried without the RAID pair installed and it didn't help.

I don't really know how to generate a debug resolved backtrace, but I have a spare disk drive here, so I'll install OSX and see if it stops.

Thanks again


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Dec 7, 2009
You're getting Machine check with uncorrected errors. It's always pointing on RAM (9.5/10 cases). If you've replaced RAM with known good sticks from another machine and you're still getting KPs, it could mean that's something isn't right with CPU tray or logic board. If KP will occur once again, open your computer and see if you'll see any red LEDs near RAM slots.


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Original poster
Jun 20, 2013
After working for a few days, it started throwing Kernel Panics again. I trie a different system hard drive, I tried without the RAID disks, and I tried swapping the memory. Still no luck. When I get a Panic, there are no lit LEDs on the CPU tray next to the memory slots.

Thanks in advance for any more help


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Dec 7, 2009
I'm still betting on RAM.
Download memtest bootable .isoand burn it on CD. Boot off of it and test your memory with multiple passes. Preferably one or 2 sticks at time to narrow it down to particular stick(s).
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