HELP:Does any one know the exact location of the new NY store.

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ImNoSuperMan, May 14, 2006.

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    Dec 1, 2005
    My cousin is in USA and he`ll be leaving on 20th of May. He`ll be leaving from Newark international airport. Does any one know if there`s an apple store in Newark. Or how far the new Apple Store in NY is from Newark. As we all know by now that there are some chances that MB will be available in store on 19th May. If I dont buy it on that date then I`ll have to wait atleast a month or two before they are available in India. So I dont want to take chances and be 100% sure to buy it on 19th.

    OK. The chances of MB announced on thursday are very low and it being available in Store the very next day are even lower. But that`s a different thing altogether. I just want to be sure that if it`s available on this Friday then I do have it in my hands on Monday. And for that I need to plan the purchase beforehand so that I dont miss it.

    So please tell me the location of the Newark Apple Store and the new Apple store in NY as that wont be too far away I think. But I m actually guessing the location of Newark. Please correct me if I m wrong.

    One more thing I`d like to ask. My cousin is studyin in SF university. Will it be possible for him to use his edu discount when he`s purchasing the MB in NY. If yes how? What will he need to show in the store.

    Please help me. Have some pity on the poor guy who`s already without a Mac for more than on a month now. Please dont keep me OSX hungry for two more months. Mac is my oxygen. I m already holding for a month now and I`ll have a nervous break down if I dont get my Apple pie soon.

    OK. Lets get serious. Please tell me the location of these stores. I tried finding on apple site but this stupid compaq always hangs while loading the map from the site. And one time it did`nt, I cud see the map of whole of USA but for the NY and surrounding parts.
  2. Acehigh macrumors 6502

    Mar 5, 2006

    Tax is lower in NJ then NYC, so might save 2% in NJ. He can use his EDU discount just bring an ID. Nobody knows when the Macbook will come out except for Apple Insiders and they arent allowed to tell you.

    You can take the Train its less then 30-45 Mintue ride. but need atleast 3 + hours for the whole trip maybe longer. Not sure if he just stopping in Newark or going to be there awhile. Only other choice will be take a TAXI to NJ apple store but wont be cheap

    The Edison store might be the closest.
    55 Parsonage Road
    Edison, NJ 08837
    (732) 321-5506

    103 Prince Street
    New York, NY 10012
    (212) 226-3126

    by the 20th the one Across from the Plaza and FAO... on 59th and 5th ave
  3. Acehigh macrumors 6502

    Mar 5, 2006
    You can use Mapquest or to find which NJ is closest. here is a list of all of them. If Macbook are in the stores they probably be sold out if he isnt waiting online

    400 Commons Way
    Bridgewater, NJ 08807
    (908) 541-1090

    55 Parsonage Road
    Edison, NJ 08837
    (732) 321-5506

    500 Route 73 South
    Marlton, NJ 08053
    (856) 810-3712

    1 Garden State Plaza, Space I1A
    Paramus, NJ 07652
    (201) 975-9500

    301 Mt. Hope Avenue
    Rockaway, NJ 07866
    (973) 659-0230

    1200 Morris Turnpike
    Short Hills, NJ 07078
    (973) 467-4890

    441 Chestnut Ridge Road
    Woodcliff Lake, NJ 07677
    (201) 782-1750

    Direction Newark to Edison apple store
    Start address: EWR - Newark Liberty Intl Airport
    End address: 55 Parsonage Rd, Edison, NJ 08837
    Distance: 15.4 mi (about 29 mins)
    Reverse directions
    1. Head southeast - go 1.4 mi
    2. Take the US-1/US-9 ramp to Newark-Elizabeth (US-22)/NY Via Skyway (RT-21) - go 0.2 mi
    3. Bear left onto the US-1 S/US-9 S ramp to New Jersey Turnpike (I-95)/Elizabeth - go 0.4 mi
    4. Bear right at US-1 & 9 Express Ln S/US-1 Express Ln S/US-9 Express Ln S - go 1.4 mi
    5. Continue on Spring St - go 2.2 mi
    6. Bear left at Carlton St - go 2.1 mi
    7. Continue on W Edgar Rd - go 5.1 mi
    8. Continue on US-1 S toward Trenton/Pts South - go 0.5 mi
    9. Bear right at US-1 - go 1.8 mi
    10. Turn right at Parsonage Rd - go 0.2 mi
    11. Turn left - go 0.2 mi
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    Dec 1, 2005
    Thanx for the info.

    I dont really mind the 2%exra tax. Not really a big deal if you can use the edu discount. I wouldn`t really mind even if he cudn`t use the edu discount too. All I want is that MB in my hands ASAP. Thanx a lot for your advice. So a train to NJ is what you advice?

    Wasn`t the launch date 19May instead. Or it`ll be open to general public on 20th only. But then 20th is a Saturday. I dont know if Apple stores are open on Sat.

    GOD...... All I want is an MB by next week. Pleeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase...
  5. ImNoSuperMan thread starter macrumors 65816


    Dec 1, 2005
    Thats what I m worried bout the most. MB releases B4 my cousin leaves states. It`s even available in store. But they are sold out before he even enters the store.:(

    That`s why I am thinking bout going to the new store instead. They`ll definitely have much more stock in the newer store than any other store. But then there`ll be much more buyers too in that specific store:( .

    I m so confused. I dont want to miss it if it does launch this week.

    Anyways thanx again for all your help Acehigh.
  6. Acehigh macrumors 6502

    Mar 5, 2006
    If they do release the MB in stores on 19th... They will be soldout by 20th for sure. Also the EDU discounts on the Ibooks are only $50, so they will probably be the same for the MB.

    You might have to wait longer for the MB... It takes about 1-2 weeks for them to hit retail. I guess you do not want anything else?

    all you can do is wait and see...
  7. ImNoSuperMan thread starter macrumors 65816


    Dec 1, 2005
    I hope Apple makes an exception this time though.:(
  8. thejadedmonkey macrumors 604


    May 28, 2005
    That was the alledged reason why they weren't released last week...lack of sufficient supply.
  9. Acehigh macrumors 6502

    Mar 5, 2006

    would you want something else if the MB doesnt come out? You probably have a better chance of getting a MB if it does come out in NJ then nyc. I think they will have so many people coming to that store for the grand opening they will be gone that night.

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