Help :: Error Code -43...!!!


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Nov 13, 2006
I have macbook with tiger
and I want to remove a file and it shows a massage
"This operation could not be completed"
" An unexpected error occurred (error code -43)"

Also I try to erase or partition the hard drive from "disk utility"
and it does not work.

I try to install any CD /DVD and after 30s the CD comes out..

when I try to verify the HD it shows an error massage " illegal name"

please Help


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Jul 17, 2008
Error code -43

What a pain, I found a remedy.

Take the time to read this:

When you get to the point to choosing your startup disk, choose the icon from Disk1. DON'T REINSTALL THE OS X! Just select from menu at the TOP of the screen Utilities--->Disk Utility.

Select "repair disk" let it run.

When done chose "Startup Disk" from the same menu above.
Restart your computer.

Hope that helped.

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