Help, expose doesnt work


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Jun 26, 2007
Philadelphia, PA
Hey guys:

Just got my MBP today and I cant seem to get expose to work properly. Everytime I hit the F9 or F10 key a small icon pops on the screen then vanishes. The icon is the one on the F10 key only it has a circle with a line through it,,,what am i doing wrong here?


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Jan 9, 2004
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On the notebooks, any function key that has a logo on it (like the volume and brightness logos) has two functions. A "software" function like a hotkey in a program or Expose, and a "hardware" function like adjusting the brightness or volume. By default, you have to hold the Fn key while pressing these to get the "software" function. So try Fn-F9 instead of F9 (the Fn is in the lower left corner. You can go to sys prefs -> Kb and mouse -> keyboard (I think) and change whether you press Fn to get the "software" fns, or to get the "hardware" ones. I.E. if you flip it, you'll press Fn-F9 to change brightness but just F9 for Expose.

Also try the "hot corners" setup in the Dashboard and Expose preferences. It's probably the nicest way to use Expose. :)