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    May 22, 2008
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    Hi guys,

    I have just bought a 24" iMac and am just waiting until christmas to open it.

    It is going to be going in my bedroom so I want to get rid of my old TV as it will look terrible next to my mac. I noticed on Apples site about these EyeTV TUNERS.

    Connected to my current TV I have a cable box (Virgin) connected to a HDD recorder which in turn is connected to my TV. What I want to do is connect the two boxes to my mac without the need of my TV.

    Could you please help me find out which eyeTV tuner i would need to do this. I must be able to connect to a cable box.

    Best Regards
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    Jan 15, 2008
    Hello. I would recommend EyeTV Hybrid, because it has dvc-c and dvc-t, AND it can receive analog tv/video input via s-video/rca connection. Example your cable box.

    "Superbly engineered and supremely versatile, EyeTV Hybrid delivers free-to-view digital television to your Mac via aerial (DVB-T, also known as DTT or Freeview) and cable (DVB-C), as well as analogue television via cable and aerial. With EyeTV Hybrid, you can also tune in to local FM radio on your Mac.

    Despite its small size, EyeTV Hybrid contains a full-size and built-in coaxial plug and does not require an adapter to connect cable or an aerial. What’s more, EyeTV Hybrid comes with a composite (RCA) and S-Video break-out cable to connect a variety of devices to your Mac, such as a set top box for premium channels and satellite, a VCR, or a Camcorder."
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    Mar 10, 2008
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    Get the eyeTV250 or the eyeTV Hybrid.

    The 250 has the mpeg encoder in the device while the hybrid relies on the speed of the computer to do the encoding. With your new iMac, it shouldn't be a problem to get the Hybrid. If you get the 250, be sure to get the revised edition that supports Clear QAM.

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