Help... Files are missing, Can DiskWarrior help?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by applefan1997, Dec 7, 2009.

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    So first, OS X (10.4.11) on my iMac G4 started to freeze and give kernel panics. Right now, it doesn't do that. Apparently there was bad RAM, which I removed. Now, my entire Home folder has disappeared, and some folders from the other accounts have gone missing as well. I went to the Apple Store, and they said that something was corrupt on the HD, and to try Diskwarrior. What I'd like to know is if this program can work to save my stuff. I'm really frustrated, as some important stuff is as of now missing.
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    If you have a PC or access to a friends I would recommend a program called SpinRite. It is the industry standard for data/drive recovery and maintenance. It is written in assembly code and accesses the drives directly so it works with every type of drive and every file system. It requires that you pull the drive out and put it in a PC.
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    Backup is essential

    First, read the title here, if you have any files on a HD that are important, it is essential to have them backed up, because HD die, sooner or later. Now that you are in trouble, I know that doesn't help, but it is a good lesson.
    Now, as to Disk Warrior, yes it may help you get your files back and then again not. That depends on the nature of the problem. If there is a hardware problem with the drive, the app suggested above could help. If the problem is, as suggested at the Apple store, a corrupted file system, Disk Warrior is the best choice to try. It has saved my bacon several times, once at work on an old iMac G3 that literally took more than 24 hours, but in the end Disk Warrior repaired the totally messed up drive and we got all of our files back. It is certainly worth having and I suggest you use it to "prevent" the kind of problem you are having now.
    Good luck

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