Help! Find My iPhone showing a device I've sold!

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    Hi all,

    I sold a Macbook Air a few weeks ago. Before I sold the item I formatted the drive (using secure erase) and reloaded the original operating system back onto the machine.

    I thought this meant the machine was now 'as new' !

    However, I've just gone into Find My iPhone and I can still see the Macbook Air listed and I can also see its location (which I assume is the new buyers location). I even have an option to Erase the Macbook Air remotely etc.

    I feel very uneasy about this as clearly I shouldn't be able to view where the Macbook Air is located and I definitely shouldn't be able to remote erase !

    Also, does this mean the new buyer can see my data on his Macbook Air. So for example - when I add a new iPhone to iMessages it pops up a dialog on all my devices - is it also showing a notification on his Macbook Air ?

    Please help !
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    Please read this thread
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    Go to Find my Iphone on You can remove it from your account there and it explicitly says doing so unlocks it from your account. Although you will have to wait until its offline to have the option.

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