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Discussion in 'Mac mini' started by Mr32Slim, Sep 11, 2015.

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    Sep 11, 2015
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    Does anyone know anything about the following monitors and how they would work with a 2014 Mac Mini? These are the three that I am currently looking at:

    Dell 27" P2715Q 4K ($525)
    Monoprice 27" IPS Zero-G WQHD 2K ($289 on sale)
    CTL 28" X2800 4K ($450)

    I don't do graphics work, gaming, or editing, but I do spend several hours a day working on my computer and the 11" MacBook Air isn't cutting it in terms of screen real estate. I am looking for a quality monitor that is large enough to where I can view two side-by-side webpages, documents, etc, without having to zoom in and out, or scroll too much view them in their entirety. Ideally, a 27" or 28" monitor would be perfect for my desk size, which is not large enough to hold a two-screen setup.

    I'm tempted to get a 4K with the idea that in a few years I will get a new Mac Mini, but I know that the 2014 model can only refresh at 30Hz. If I went with a 4K, would I be able to lower the resolution and not have my screen look too distorted, or with the text unnaturally large, or have noticeable lag when dragging the cursor around the screen?

    Any and all advice and recommendations would be helpful. I haven't purchased a monitor in about 20 years, so I am totally clueless as to what I need to get in order to have a good experience with my Mac Mini.

    Thanks in advance!!
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    I concur completely regarding the Dell Ultrasharps. I run three 24" ones off my rMBP at work, and I use a single 27" one at home. Incredibly high quality monitors for very reasonable prices.
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