Help Finding Accidental Insurance for Macbook Pro


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Oct 15, 2006
As said in title I'm looking for help in finding an accidental breakage/problem policy that would equivalently be like applecare, though i'm not sure if any exist Finding Accidental Insurance for Macbook Pro.
Since I'm a student and need my laptop all the time for school, turn around time is a must. I would like if there were some insurance where let's say my laptop drops and the screen shatters or someone spills something on it and it's toasted, I can file a claim with the company and then let an Authorized Apple Repair shop or an Apple store do the repair work. Most companies I've seen you have to send the product to them etc, requiring a lot of time. I've even heard horror stories of getting their laptop 'totaled' and they were sent back a pc as their replacement :eek:
Do not want that. If something like that existed that would be amazing. Well and if something like that doesn't exist, what is the best insurance company for a mac to make sure they work well with macs and well send either send me my old mac back fixed or one with the same specs (ex. macbook pro with dedicated graphics versus one without) Also if you had performed a ram upgrade or hard drive upgrade how would that work out if they had to send you a new machine.

As I said I'm in college and having a laptop at all times is very important to have, so that's why i want a quick repair from people I trust at the apple store or someone I know won't gyp me with a full machine replacement

P.S. I want to get this insurance started asap so i can feel better about taking my laptop around campus


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Jul 23, 2009
Manchester, UK
I have Endsleigh insurance and they cover everything in my room including spillages and stuff on my macbook pro. They operate from the UK though so not sure if your from America or wherever.


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May 16, 2008
As said in title I'm looking for help in finding an accidental breakage/problem policy that would equivalently be like applecare,...
The only way you can get Apple warranty based service would be with an Apple warranty (Applecare). If you want accidental coverage you'll need to get that seperatly ...
Eddyisgreat is correct. AppleCare is NOT insurance. It's an extended warranty. It does not provide any coverage for damage caused by accidents. Insurance, on the other hand, won't provide coverage for Apple warranty issues. You need both, if you want to be completely covered.


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Sep 29, 2008
Home insurance will fix it. Basically when my display broke on my 17" Pro which costed €850 my insurance for 1 year goes Digit + 70.33 a month get my drift. Just lie and say a hoover knocked it over. Just don't keep breaking it too often and i believe you need to send in a warranty repair docket to the company from your Apple agent


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Mar 23, 2009
I've been happy with Safeware. They don't do the repairs themselves - just provide the insurance and pay in the case of loss or damage. So, you are free to have repairs done where you wish. Note that this is NOT an extended warranty, and they do not cover defects. They DO cover accidental damage, cracked screens, etc.

Make sure you select the appropriate coverage in case you will be traveling internationally. (You can switch that coverage back and forth at any time.)

I see they've started offering iPhone coverage as well.

As others suggested, any homeowner's or renter's policy will likely provide a degree of coverage.


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Aug 17, 2009
Would these sort of insurance types cover theft? That is what I am most concerned with as I live in not the best neighbourhood and always wonder what would happen if someone broke in and just walked off with the laptop.
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