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Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by ashjamben, Feb 21, 2009.

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    so here's the scenario, i'm wanting to start djing at a local club in my city with some friends to try and promote our music. i'll be using my 2.2ghz macbook which i plan on upgrading to 4gb ram and 320gb 7200rpm hard drive.

    i want to get a dj style midi controller to be able to mix the songs together better, nothing too fancy like scratching and stuff but a few effects would be nice. software wise alot of the ones i've been looking at come with software, like traktor le, torq or cue so would prefer it to come with software, but i suppose it's not essential.

    i've got a budget of around £150, and already have an m audio fast track pro so built in audio interface isn't needed, but i suppose would also be handy. so far i've looked at the:

    m audio xsession pro (looks pretty basic, comes with torq)
    numark total control (looks pretty good, comes with cue and traktor le)
    Behringer BCD 3000 (not keen on behringer products to be honest, but might be ok. the fact its so cheap and has an audio interface leaves me to believe it's not the best of quality)
    Hercules DJ Console MK II (looks pretty good, comes with traktor le, but never heard of the company)

    if anyone has any help or suggestions it would be much appreciated. also, any general advice on djing would be cool as i'm pretty new to it all.
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    Depends on your needs a bit more.

    the M-audio is a fairly simple surface that corresponds nicely with its software (torq le). Not to many extra knobs, buttons, or wheels if you don't want them. You may grow out of it, but at that price it seems like a nice introduction. It does not have an audio interface, however, so you'll need to factor that into your consideration. At your price point that's gonna be a bit of a trick.

    The behringer has a cheap build quality (I own the bcr2000, which while cheap has handled my moderate use fine), but has the built in audio interface (again quality issue).

    The Hercules intrigues me. It looks like a definite step up from the bcd3000 and has the convenience of a control surface and audio interface in one. I've read some respectable reviews of it.

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