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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by OldManJimbo, Aug 15, 2005.

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    I use 10.3.9 - PowerBook G4. There are three other computers on my home wireless network - all Windows (long story).

    For more than a year, I have been printing to an Epson SC900 that is connected to "billy" - one of the PCs.

    Today, for some reason, the connection stopped working and I have been trying for over 12 hours to get it re-connected. I've gone through all the steps to print through a Windows machine -

    The Mac Print Set Up utility does what's suppoed to, and I can even select the SC900 - but when I try to change "printer model" from GENERIC to Epson Color Stylus 900 - I don't get Epson as a choice.

    The choices I get are:

    (and a few others)

    When I leave the "printer model" on Generic, the pages come out in "code." YES _ the pages DO print, they are just formatted all wrong.

    Spent nearly an hour on the phone with a very caring AppleCare guy, but he couldn't come up with an answer before my phone battery went dead.

    Any ideas? Oh yeah, I've repaired permissions - twice. And downloaded what I think are the correct driver files from Epson. I can find the SC900.pluigin file under the Library/Printers folder in my HDD folder, but it is "gray."
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    Re-installing your Epson Printer Drivers

    Try following the steps below to re-install your printer drivers in OS 10.3.X:

    1. Insert the Panther Installation Disk #2 CD and double-click on the icon
    created by it on your desktop.

    2. Double-click the EPSONPRINTERDRIVERS1.PKG folder. (It is inside the Packages Folder.)

    3. Enter your administrator password and hit CONTINUE, then follow the
    prompts to complete the installation.

    4. Make sure the printer is connected and turned on, then restart your

    5. After the computer restarts, open your PRINT CENTER (you can open your print center by opening your HARD DRIVE, APPLICATIONS, UTILITY, PRINT CENTER).

    6. If your printer is listed, simply close the print center and try to
    print. If not, click the ADD button.

    7. In the window that appears, select EPSON USB from the drop-down menu, then select your printer and hit ADD.

    8. Try printing.

    Note: if your printer driver is not in there, it may be inside the Packages Folder on the Panther Installation Disk #3 CD in the EPSONPRINTERDRIVERS2.PKG.
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    Toria -
    I only have a single CD - must be a DVD.
    Do all the steps works the same?
    And - the printer is connected to a Windows PC across the room.
    Same steps?

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