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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Ram0n, Oct 29, 2010.

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    I am compiling a list of software and hardware that I will need to convert my powerbook g4 (now that Apple has signed a deal with the devil INTEL:mad:). I am looking for a location to scout aluminum pb g4 cases so I can mod the one I have. I intend to insert a tablet overlay inside the lcd case but I need more room. If I convert a bottom to a top and cut a hole for the lcd and touch overlay inside it I can keep the hinge and extend the keyboard so it will be removable. I can use the same lock to close it. The only other difference will be cutting the hole so the lcd/touch overlay are visible on the outside when it is close. I may even make the speakers removable. I can turn it over A-frame style and see the tablet, and with the extended keyboard I can type with it upright, or use the tablet input.

    How do I disable the sleep button?
    Can I extend the ribbon cable for the keyboard so it will extend outside the closed shell?
    Anyone know of a tablet with the dimensions for a 15" pb g4 aluminum with Mac drivers? I don't want to have a smaller touch area due to small size. I want a one to one size ration.
    Anyone have or know where I can get a DOA powerbook, cuz all I want is the aluminum case to mod for my tablet?
    Any step by step directions to do this and where is the URL?

    I have some, MANY directions but they are all pretty lame, pictures taking the place of text and WTH? NO TEXT to explain what they did.

    Thanks in advance to great bunch of MacAddicts. Great group.

    Mac user since ][e and CP/M... augh.
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    Right, Firstly, Id just like to say: cool project, and if it works I might be tempted to do this to my PBG4. As far as I know, extending the ribbon cable is not only difficult/impossible, its also not going to be very good for it as it will likely get damaged/broken very very easily. DOA PowerBooks are probably easiest found on ebay, you might even just find a spare case on there, Id also check with local resellers/service centers as they may be able to source the part for you.

    Im not sure there are any tablets that are the screen size/resolution of your PowerBook as tablets dont come in screen sizes, and most wont fit over the LCD Panel - you might have to purchase a bespoke, custom touch LCD to fit :) - Thats about as far as my ideas and knowledge go, but good luck, and if you manage it, make sure to post here how you did it, so I can do it to my G4 xD

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