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    I'm looking for Mac software for a small school to target and track student progress in different subjects. Need to be able to print out graphs: Y axis would be page number in a book or books, from 0 at the start of the year in Sept. to whatever page is the ending target in June - bottom to top. X axis would be week-ending dates, left to right: 9/2, 9/9, 9/16, etc.

    There would be 3 lines on the graph - bottom left (beginning) to top right (end): 1. Grade Level line - from start date to end of year. This is a fixed straight line that goes from beginning of year to targetted grade level at end of year. For example, a student who is behind grade level would have a target to get back on grade level, or another student could be targetted to get a year advanced, etc. 2. Annual target line - from start date to end of year. A straight line which shows what the target is for an individual student - which might be quite different from the target to get back on to grade level, which might be impossible for a student who is way behind. 3. This line tracks the weekly progress for a student - what is actually accomplished week to week.

    I'll attach a rough graph. Appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

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    Oh, one more point. I'm aware there are some web-based solutions - is one - but I'd rather not use a web-based solution.

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