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Discussion in 'macOS' started by AlexMason86, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Hi guys

    The other day I decided to reinstall OSX from scratch (Lion). Computer was chugging a bit (3.6GHz i5, 8GB Ram 27inch iMac) and as parts of the install had originally come from my SL powered MBP some things weren't quite right, some programs never worked etc.

    So, formatted and reinstalled. Reinstalled all the programs and updates I wanted manually, then used my TM back up to recover my iTunes, documents and pictures.

    This is where problems began as my new account (Alex Mason) was named exactly the same as the old one present in the TM backup. So the stuff copied over, but Migration assistant created a new user account (Alex Mason2). So I have my new set up in one account and my old documents in another! So I got into the USER directory and transfered them between accounts. So far so good.

    Then came the issue of removing the Alex Mason2 account. At first this was straight forward. Go to the user accounts pref pane, select Alex Mason2 in other accounts and press the "-" sign. Done.

    But then, it reappeared! And this time I couldnt get rid.

    I found this on the internet:

    and I followed it to the letter. It describes exactly my situation, that a 2nd user account created because of a name clash when using migration assistant may reappear after initial deletion.

    After doing so, the account Alex Mason appeared in its place in the other accounts bit on the pref pane. This confused me because I was logged in as Alex Mason so how could that also be another account? It wasnt there before, so why now? I exited the pref pane to see if that sorted things out.

    Then I couldnt get back on the user accounts pref pane as OSX said it could not load it!. In the hope of sorting things out again, I restarted the iMac only to be greeted by a grey screen (with the cloth texture) and a user + password dialogue box that were empty. Putting my credentials in resulted in a loading icon in the password box and that was it!! Nothing. Nada. Can't log in.

    I tried repairing permissions (of which some were repaired) and got the same result. I am currently restoring from TM as I type, but this is going to put me back where I started. Trying to get rid of this 2nd account I dont need.

    What the hell did I do wrong?! and how can I deleted that second account!
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    Ok stop.

    Install Lion over again and this time create an account called NOTALEX as your initial admin account.

    Then when migration assistant creates an alex mason account, go ahead and make him an admin user. Do NOT delete the NOTALEX account. It's not hurting anything. In fact I'd say do not delete anything until you have had your Mac running all nice and normal for at least a week, making sure you start a new and separate TM backup so your new backups don't overwrite your known good backups from before your troubles started. Only delete your older backups after 30 days or more of trouble free use.

    Whenever I go to support and they ask me to delete something, the first thing I say to myself is "What is the worse thing that could happen if I follow their advice?" You are experiencing one of those worst things that could happen and I suggest you forget about deleting things (especially user accounts) until your Mac is fully working again.

    BTW, another option could be to go ahead and create the user name you really want when you do your next fresh install, only this time use Migrate from your old TM backup to your new install and you really shouldn't wind up with an extra second account. I didn't have that problem when I migrated from a TM backup. Don't forget to turn off TM backup until after you are sure things are working again or you could corrupt the very backup you hope to use to recover from. :eek:

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