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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ashjamben, Aug 10, 2008.

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    this could have probably gone in many different part of the forums, but thought the best place to start would be here. so, anyway:

    i'm staying at my sisters house for a week while shes on holiday to look after her dog. her boyfriend told me he had his wireless all set up, which is cool cos ive brought my macbook and iphone along with me. only problem is i cant connect to it with either.

    he says he hasnt changed any of the passwords or anything, but theyve gone away now so i cant ask anymore questions. on the back of the router it has a network key, which i presume is the WPA password, but it doesnt work. also, i thought network keys had to be hexadecial (between 0-9 and A-F) but its not.

    the only thing i have is his vista laptop, which automatically connects to the wireless network. is there a way to get the password from this?

    another note, ive also tried resetting the router, which hasn't worked.

    can anyone help?

    thanks for reading
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    If you reset the router to it's factory settings, you more than likely reset the password as well as the router name. You can go to the router manufacturers web site and find the default password. For the name it's usually the manufacturer, for instance the Netgear router will appear as "NETGEAR". If you did in fact reset it to factory defaults you should be able to see the router by searching for WIFI networks on your laptop.
    You could also go into the router settings screen by typing in the router URL in your browser. The default URL is the network key that you mentioned (should be something like When you type that in your browser (no www or HTTP in front of it), you will see a login screen. The default login name is usually admin and the default password is "password".
    If your friend hasn't changed the password this should get you in.
    Hope this helps.
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    well the name is 'sky21 some more numbers', and then network key is 8 letters long.

    it also has a mac address and a serial number

    EDIT: i also figured out IP address from network connections in vista. when i put it into IE, it asks for username a password. username is automatically admin, but password isnt password, admin, or a password he told me for the computer which i thought it may be.

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