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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by jsf721, Jan 5, 2012.

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    OK-I am getting my wife an iPhone 4S and a MacBook for her birthday this month. I will also be getting her the One on One training from Apple. She has never had her own e mail adress so this is a very big step for her.

    I want to take he over the weekend and pick up the Laptop and order the iphone which needs to be shipped as everyone is out! (verizon). Anyone know if Apple has a promo out now for a free ipod with a laptop or some such promo.

    So can someone please let me know if there is a e mail provider that can provide push e mail to the iphone and if she reads an e mail on the laptop is shows read on the phone and visa versa. Also can sync calandard on both the iphone and calendar.

    I use outlook for work, but I think I will set her up with ical and mail as it comes with the laptop and Apple with show her how to use it.

    I am NOT a very tech savy person so if you see a big mistake here please let me know. Thanks in advance for your help!

    Also, if there is a free provider for this even better.

    Worst case, I can add her to my business exchange and she can use outlook but then I would have to buy that for the Mac and Apple will not show her how to use it since its a MS product.

    Have a good day and
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    Hopefully the one-to-one training and see will get a free iCloud account. It comes with email as well as other things.

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