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    Hey guys, I'm hoping you can help me here. I've searched and found pieces to the puzzle but not all of them. Here's the scenario...
    I'm using godaddy e-mail forwarding plan to forward my custom domain email address to my gmail account. I'm trying to set it up so when I reply from my iphone it says it's coming from my custom domain address.

    So far I have it setup so when I reply from an actual computer it does show up as the custom domain but it says my gmail address on behalf of the custom domain, is there a way to get rid of this?

    Second, is there a way to setup my iphone so when I want to respond using the custom domain to an email received at that address it will show the custom domain and not from the gmail when responding from my iphone?

    Also is there a way to change the name that shows up for each? for example when replying just using my gmail it would say my name, but when replying using the custom domain it's name would show up instead of my personal.

    I hope this makes sense and you guys can help me!
  2. thebubbatex macrumors regular

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    Go here:

    Set up a free Standard account with your domain and they will give you instructions on how to forward your mail to Gmail from GoDaddy. Then Google is basically hosting your email and it will look exactly like your own domain.

    No need to forward from GoDaddy either. I do this with one of my businesses.
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    Jan 15, 2008
    Thanks for the suggestion, I just tried it and I think it's way over my head lol! From the looks of it google apps was web based e-mail and I can't use the native iphone mail app. At least that's what I saw and read when I was going through the setup for mobile devices.

    Is there a way to get what I want without using google apps?
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    its really not that hard but you will need to get some info from godaddy to do this. I have 6 different email accounts on my iphone. they all pull from each source (yahoo, wow, hotmail, gmail, sigecom, and my domain). when you are replying from a certain customer on your iPhone from an email pulled off of your domain it will reply as if from your computer. but if you dont want sent from my iphone you need to go into settings and turn that off.

    long story can get the info from go daddy to set up you domain email account and pull (or push) from your domain to your iPhone.
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    If I do this then I can get push right?

    Can I still use mac mail as well?
  6. benalexe macrumors member

    Oct 7, 2006
    I went to the link and it says there is a $50 fee?
  7. thebubbatex, Apr 19, 2010
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